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FAQ - nejčastější dotazy | The Chamber Liberec

How early are we should come?

It is enough if you arrive 5 minutes in advance or exactly at the time of booking. You can come earlier of course but  it is not necessary.


What Temperature is there?

The games have room temperature and the rooms are clean. You do not have to worry about getting dirt, freezing or other harm.


Is there a Toilet?

There are toilets in the Chamber. You can also refresh yourself with water. We have comfy couches and there are also lockable boxes for your valuables.


Are our games suitable for children?

Games are recommended at least from the age of 12 with one adult. It is not a condition but a recommendation. We recommend Hacker’s Nest from the age of 14. Otherwise, age is not limited babies and grandmothers can paly. Every member of the team can contribute with something. If you plan to visit the escape game, take the kids it with you, they are surprisingly good.


What if we don’t make it within a time limit?

If the next timeslot is available, some extra time will be offered to you. If not, don’t worry, our brave roommasters will come to save you!


How difficult your games are? What if we don’t feel like Einstein, will we still have a good time?

Our games are not easy. But your room master will give you some clever hints anytime needed, so you will still enjoy the game.


Are there any special abilities required?

The game requires mainly ‘common sense’, logical / critical thinking, and the team spirit will certainly come in handy. You do not have to worry about math or history. Everything you need in the game you will get.


What about the language? I sure don’t speak Czech 🙂

You do not need too much language skills in the Game.  Briefing before the Game is more about spoking. The Games are available in English version. You can choose the Language when booking.